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Welcome to BOOLEAN

Boolean is a company based in Yamuna Nagar, Haryana providing comprehensive security solutions. We offer a wide range of products to ensure that you get the best of your Security and Digital Marketing requirements. Backed by a team of highly qualified professionals, we provide perfect solutions to your requirements. We strive hard to safeguard our values and enhance our performance to keep up with the technological advances, thus, guaranteeing our products are top notch in the market.

Who Are We

We are a company that provides solutions for all your security and Digital Marketing needs. Our products are of latest specifications, thereby ensuring guaranteed productivity and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

To provide best security and web development solutions that secure customers personal and professional life. Our motto is to serve hassle-free experience to all.

What We Do

We provide tailor-made services and products of highest quality to our customers. The services include the whole set of security surveillance system, access control, peripherals, safety equipment and web development.

Why are we special?

Quality and Affordable Prices. Gone are the days of foggy video or tricky alarm systems, we offer CCTV cameras and other security products of higher specifications, so that our customers can experience precise and crystal clear output.

Our customers are happy with us, because they know that our products and services suit their requirements like no other. We go the extra mile for them, and offer the best customer satisfaction one would expect from a top notch company.

Our 6-D process



With a thorough understanding of the latest technological advances, we come up with unique ideas to be on par with the advanced requirements. Our plans are meticulously gathered to design a sophisticated system.



Our systems are developed after extensive research and present a user-friendly interface



We use latest specifications to design wide ranges of models for customers to choose from. The designs are exposed to several trial and error methods to study its accuracy.



Several models are developed after thorough designing. This provides customers with choices to choose from according to their requirements.



The incorporation of latest specifications into our models made them effective and popular among customers. Our strategic planning and presentation have further ensured satisfied customers.



We deliver top quality product and our help and support system ensures hassle-free user experience for customers. Our support system works throughout the day to help customers resolve their problems quickly and easily.

Website Development and Designing Services

Along with the security solutions, we offer a wide variety of web development and web designing services. We understand our clients’ businesses, and craft the websites according to their requirements.

Due to the best practices followed by us, the sales of our clients reach their targets. We have turned ourselves to adept in web development and designing niche.  

Why choose us?

We develop the highest quality design that comes under the affordable category. Our designs are unique and calibrated to highest accuracy, thus, making our products worth investing.

We provide round the clock support system to help customers the best of our products. Our customer support system is developed to instantly resolve all the problems faced by customers.

In Boolean, our emphasis is on providing the best security and web developments solutions. The efforts we put in and the process underwent to develop the best products are reflected in the acceptance of our services by customers.

We are proud of our support team. The effort and time they put in to ensure customers get the best of our products are worth appreciating.

We provide the best ROI Techniques in the market today. This quality of our products made us the preferred security and digital marketing company.

The backbone of Boolean is its experienced professionals working in the fields of security and web developments for years. This helped us reach the position we now hold in the market as well as in the hearts of our customers.

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